Now, surely, after all these years on the field and around the world, and seeing different people, I ought to know a little bit about the gate to enter in at.

And if you want to get somewhere with God, never let an arrogant spirit ever come around you. Don't let no malice come in. No matter what anybody's done, if they are wrong, don't you never build up a complex against that person. See? You be sweet and kind. Remember, God loved you when you were in sin. And if the Spirit of God's in you, you love the other person when he's in wrong. See? Just pray for them and love one another.

Above everything, love God and love one another. And be humble with God and around one another, and God will bless it, and it's hard telling what He will do. Usually when a church begins to get in numbers and get to getting a little bigger, or something like that, then they get away from that real thing, the real thing.

-- Brother Branham
July 14, 1963 pm