Why do we worry? Why do you wonder? Why do you wait? Speak and go forward. Don't cry out, say, "O Lord, is it Your will to heal today?" Sure, it's Your will. “Thus saith the Lord” it's His will.

"Can I receive the Holy Ghost today?” “Is the days of miracles past?" Certainly the days of miracles is here forever. The Holy Spirit is here.

"Does men speak with tongues today?" The Bible said so, "These signs shall follow them that believe."

"Does men interpretate messages?" The Bible said they do. That settles it.

"‘Thus saith the Lord,’ speak, don't cry. Speak and go forward." God don't want a bunch of crying babies. He wants men that's got backbone, not wishbones. "Wished I had it, wished I could do this." Backbones that'll stand in the breach (Amen.), claim the victory, claim a called out in the midst of darkness. No matter what anyone says, we speak and go forward. Believe the Message.

God's here; He'll vindicate His Message. God's here. He's the same God that He was back yonder on Galilee. He's the same God that He was in the days of Moses. He can't fail. Do you believe it?

-- Brother Branham
October 4, 1959 pm