The Bible said that we were predestinated to the sons and adoption of the sons of God before the foundation of the world. Then when God slayed the Lamb in His own thinking before the foundation of the world to prove out His attributes, what He was, when the Lamb was slain, we were slain with It. When the blood of the Lamb was caught in His Own mind back there before the foundation of the world, mine and your names were written on the Book then. All in His great thinking. He's infinite. If He didn't, why did He permit it?

Which is the strongest, as I said, the Saviour or sinner? Which has got the most strength? Then the stronger had to permit the lesser. And He only does it for His glory.

When He made Lucifer, He knowed he would be the devil. And He had to let it be there to show that He was the Saviour, the Christ. He had to let it happen that way.

Now, don't the Bible say all things work together for good to them that love God? So what are you scared about?

Let us be up and doing with a heart for any strife.
Be not like dumb driven cattle, (had to be begged and persuaded and--)
Be a hero.

I like that. Stand up. A little poem, that used to help me so much when I was a kid, goes something like this:

There was a noble Roman,
In the Roman Emperor's days;
Who heard a coward croaker,
Before the castle say:
Oh, it's safe in such a fir tree,
There's no one can shake it.
'Oh, no,' said the hero,
'I'll find a way or make it.'

There you are. That's right. If this Bible teaches that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever--

It wasn't a easy thing, when I stepped out of this Tabernacle that day, and everybody was telling me this would happen and that would happen. "You'd be considered a fanatic and thrown into jail. And all of the medical association would get against you." But God said do it. The Bible said He was, and now a revival fire burns in every nation under the heavens. That's right. Stand up to it.

How do you tackle your work each day?
Are you scared of the job that you find?
Can you stand right up to the work ahead of you?
Have you got a tired and empty mind? (I hate that stuff.)
Or do you stand right up to the work ahead of you,
Or is fear ever running through it?
If so, tackle the next you find,
By thinking you're going to do it.

Stay with it. Certainly. Purpose in your heart like Daniel. Stay with God.

-- Brother Branham
September 28, 1958 pm