Now, He said, "I come from God and I go to God. Yet a little while and the world sees Me no more." Then He said that we would see Him. Now, if we were looking for Him, what type of person would we look for?

Oh, I just love to take the Word. I believe the Word. That's the Truth always. God's Word is the Truth. I believe that every promise of God is absolutely the Truth--

The right mental attitude toward any Divine promise of God, will bring it to pass (That's right.) if you can look at the Word right.

Now, there's many things that maybe I could not bring to pass with my faith. But I would never stand in the way of somebody else who had the faith to bring it to pass. If I couldn't go where--drop the walls of Jericho like Joshua did, or take a little afternoon walk like Enoch did and go home with him, I would never stand in somebody's way who could do that. But I'm thankful to have faith to believe that it's true. God said so. That makes it true. It's God's eternal Word.

And our soul rests solemnly upon His Word. And faith cannot be based anywhere else. All theology and manmade isms are sinking sands. And faith cannot find its resting place upon the shifting sands of man's theology. It's got to find it's solemn resting place on the immovable rock of Almighty God's Word. There's where it anchors, "God said so." That settles it. That's forever the truth.

-- Brother Branham
May 16, 1957