Let me give you a little speck of light just in a minute now. Just a few minutes now 'fore we start the prayer line. You are a creator yourself, a miniature creator. Listen. Did you ever see people that was nice people, though you just couldn't be around them hardly, something about them you just couldn't stand? Did you ever see people that you just love to be around? Did you ever see them kind of people? That's the atmosphere that they create themself.

And let me tell you today, my dear friends, the greatest thing there is this side of heaven is l-o-v-e, Divine love. God is Love.

You read in the book when a maniac run out to kill me on the platform that night. I didn't hate the man; I loved him, sure, felt sorry for him. That's what slew him on the platform. That's what slew those witch-doctors standing there that day...human beings that God died for, standing there trying to throw spells on me, witches like that. Standing there before Him, and you see them fall to the ground, throw their head down like this, and give their hearts to Christ.

It was love that did it. Love is the mightest force there is. Even phileo love will make a mother jump through a fire to grab her burning baby. She won't think of herself.

-- Brother Branham
April 22, 1956