You all are great fruit raisers out here in California. You know-- You raise oranges. Did you know when that little orange tree is just about a half inch high, that every bushel of oranges that you'll ever pick off of it, is on the tree right then, or in the tree? Did you know that?

If it didn't, where did it come from? Where-- Who put the oranges on it? It's in the tree. And all you do with the little tree, you just plant it. And then you have to give it water. And it just drinks, and it has to drink more than it's allotted portion. And the more it drinks, it begins to push out. And it pushes out leaves, pushes out branches, pushes out blossoms, then it pushes out oranges. Then it keeps drinking, pushing out more oranges, and leaves, and blossoms; just drinks, drinks, drinks, drinks.

And when a believer is placed in Christ Jesus, you're planted in there in the inexhaustible Fountain of Life, and the more you drink, the more you push out. That's right. If you can't believe--

"Well, I believe that Jesus saves me." That's good. Then how about the Holy Ghost? Believe He'd give you the Holy Ghost; He promised it to you. About Divine healing, believe it; He promised it to you. Every redemptive blessing belongs to you; just drink, and drink, and push out. That's all. Everything you have need of is right in you.

When you receive the Holy Ghost, everything you've got need of between here and glory is right in you then.

It ain't faith that you need. You've got faith, if you got the Holy Spirit, for He is your faith. But the thing you have to know, is know how to use that faith. See what I mean? And if you'll just understand how to use it, which we'll try to, this coming week to explain it, you'll see the exceedingly, abundantly above all that you could do, or think of the Lord.

-- Brother Branham
November 11, 1955