When God sends the Holy Ghost and knocks at a man's door, and he deliberately turns It down, sometime he's going to turn It for his last time. And then you won't be a privileged character.

You can set in a church and listen to the Gospel and agree with the Gospel. You might do so much as say, "I know it's right," but never put a finger on it to help it yourself. See? You just listen to it, 'cause you say, "I believe it's right." That's just sympathizing with it.

I could say, "I believe that's a ten thousand dollars." That don't mean I got it. See? I could say, "That's good cold water," but refuse to drink it. You know what I mean? And this is Eternal Life. And to refuse to do it, one day you'll cross the line between judgment and mercy, and then you won't be-- have the privilege to come and receive it.

-- Brother Branham
June 30, 1963 pm