The “Seed Library” is a collection of sermons that were distributed to church libraries in years past when it was too expensive to duplicate the entire sermon collection since it was distributed as reel-to-reel tapes and then later as cassette tapes. This grouping of sermons is a combination of lists used by two groups to place free libraries of William Branham's sermons.

Seed Library (PDF downloads): Large font (11 pages)     Small font (8 pages)

The “Date Preached” is in the format of yyyy-mmdd (first 4 numbers are the year – next 2 numbers are the month – and the last 2 numbers are the day). The extension after the date distinguishes between sermons preached on the same day: “a.m.” means “morning”; “p.m.” means “evening”; and so on. If no extension is on the date, then there is only one recorded sermon on that date.