Bible Search Engines:

General Study Tools:

(Click on "Strong's" at the top of the page, Click on the Strong's number in the text, Strong's Definitions are listed)

In-depth Study Tools:

  • Blue Letter Bible
    • Well-constructed website with numerous resources, translations, commentary, Hebrew and Greek lexicons, maps, and other study tools
    • Search engine is both vertical and horizontal (It will find a word or phrase, and it will find particular instances of a Greek or Hebrew word.)
    • Other tools show every Old Testament verse that occurs in the New Testament, etc.
  • Net
    • Good resources and commentary
    • Let's you create and maintain your own notes along with their notes and commentary
    • Default translation is the "net" translation, but there is a "parallel" tab that puts up 12 translations simultaneously
    • Numerous translations in English and in other languages
    • Convenient if you have electronic text in another language and want to search and find the verse and its English equivalent